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On April 11, 2014 China suzhou international tourism festival kicks off Will continue until June

Date: 2014-04-12

hina on April 10 news today, the 17th "east shuicheng" international tourism festival press conference was held in suzhou, suzhou, China.
The festival with "love in suzhou, enjoy su shi life" as the theme, from April until June.On April 11th evening tourism festival and its big parade, with pan gate scenic spot the night garden fete activity and barge parade, fully demonstrate the classic romantic and fashionable vitality of east shuicheng.In addition, tourism festival also designed a series of theme activities, including presentation will be held on April 12-14 of the first suzhou international tourism trade fair, tentatively on April 27th at the "low carbon life, happy travel" riding activities in suzhou, and suzhou between April to June 4, 6 area according to the local tourism resources carefully organized planning more than 60 spring tourism activities, etc.
Suzhou is China's famous historical and cultural city and tourist city landscape, have since ancient times known as a paradise on earth, east shuicheng, tourist resources throughout the whole city, unusually rich, there are 5 a-class scenic area six 11 points, tied for the national and Beijing first, there were a large number of 4 a grade 3 a level scenic spots;Level 3 tourism vacation system also has covered the whole city, including 1 state-level tourist resort, 7 provincial tourism resort, with two municipal tourism resort.Suzhou has 142 star-rated hotels, including 30 five-star hotel, ranked the third.There are more than 260 travel agencies, was named the province's first 5 a-class travel agency.
In recent years, vigorously implement the strategy of tourism city of suzhou, adhere to the "scientific development, crossing the transformation, the government leading, planning, leading, industrial integration, comprehensively promote" principle, strengthen the "city of tourism, tourist cities" development concept, the implementation of resort projects and key projects, improve the tourism brand of the city and accelerate the construction of tourism cluster, efforts to realize the shift from quantity growth to quality efficiency tourism industry, the construction of the international first-class tourist destination its historical culture and modern civilization and cultural tourism city.
Last year, suzhou inbound tourists received 1.9 million person-time, tourist foreign exchange earning $1.16 billion;Domestic tourists 95.7 million person-time, 10.97% increase compared to the same;Domestic tourism income of 149.7 billion yuan, up 19.34%, tourism revenue of 156.9 billion yuan, up 14% from a year earlier.In tourist satisfaction survey in suzhou is among the top three years in a row.