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Garden HotelSuzhou was once the private garden of Mr. Jiang Jie Shi. Starting from 1952, the SuzhouGarden Hotelwas appointed the residence for state guests by the Suzhou Government, serving hundreds of national leaders.

The hotel underwent an RMB 2.6 billion renovation in 2005. TheGarden HotelSuzhou is within the stone's throw from world cultural heritage sites such as the Master-of-Nets...More>>

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  • alex_wanjun
    Very suitable for family fun in a hotel ... very clean, bring a baby bed Auntie is very kind
  • milanviva
    Elegant, five-star service, convenient location, good food, quiet, historical monuments, beautiful and lovely, fresh enthusiasm must be like, really recommend, hahaha
  • Alicia_Liu
    Room was very small, especially the bathroom, but the service was very good, hotel was good, the breakfast variety is also very good, family satisfaction will come later.
  • cjw1219
    Very satisfied, environment is really good
  • felix101200
    Very good of hotel. Suzhou old in the titillate old House and He Zehui home rent housing alterations, lasted distant culture heritage deep, and network Division Park only hundred step of away, make in the take static, landscape pleasant. However hardware not focus, hotel of management and service is most let I feeling of, service personnel of enthusiasm thoughtful intimate and room in sent Shang white orchid of aromatic will I of heart are melting has. South Park Hotel is I through service best of hotel! next must will again to of
  • anitax
    Good good
    Which is very nice
  • dino062805
    Hotel very good
  • cjf89
    Hotel a unique atmosphere, great location, canglang Pavilion and other cultural assets are in close proximity, within walking distance. the humble Administrator's garden and other attractions are not far away. a cornucopia at the door.
  • goddnes1103
    Good service good, next time will come
  • e01144447
    Beautiful environment, good service, convenient travel, is the preferred hotel of Suzhou tourism!
  • linglin888
    Very very very very very very very nice
  • am9999
    Very satisfied
  • raisins
    Environment is very good, service very good, highly recommended-
  • fmjanson
    Warm and comfortable good
  • gacia_d
    That's good
  • amy123
    Garden Hotel in Mei Mei's room is very comfortable for the first time details are in place
  • eugenepig
    Hotel is has local features, garden design, is praise! room layout also is in place, everywhere reflected out carefully. front desk handle staying speed soon, service also is thoughtful. but only ointment of is, we is continued live of, live has two days night, first days night back room Hou found clean somewhat sloppy, we zhiqian eat has of fruit also no fill back, although is is small of thing, but on was somewhat think not comfortable. hope your hotel can value these tiny details, let guests more hasHome away from home feeling!
  • storysong
    Environment is very good, hotel has garden views, the Chiang family villas, from the second floor Hall for special praise. Hotel buffet was delicious, rich varieties, dessert is delicious, drink varieties are many, under the noodles taste very nice. dinner buffet or a small pot, and delicious ice cream, and red wine
  • candy07221
    A very good environment, good service, very much, is recommended.
  • carolin
    Hotel location excellent, professional service at the front desk, the stagnation point during breakfast, guided tours in the Park has greatly enriched knowledge. evening opera performances at the hotel very nice! recommended, the next opportunity to stay!
    Rooms at the feel good
  • jing6333760
    With my family around Suzhou, select South Park Hotel, very good, good service, nice
  • Jeff feng
    Said to the five-star the hotel can be upgraded room type, so ... ...
  • gujianmin
    Help foreign customers of the hotel. guests come to Suzhou for the first time, I heard of Suzhou gardens. strongly demands the temperament of a line with the Suzhou hotel. Hotel facilities, services and thoughtful, environment are particularly good, especially Suzhou garden style yard, has rich historical and cultural connotations, and many famous people have a sense of history. highly recommended. very happy customers satisfied with!
  • excellency
    A very good environment, and sister waiting down at the front desk were very friendly!
  • Loren_LCL
    Hotel Vintage is beautiful, service is also very good, and also set a nice little present for each customers! excellent value!
  • E00237151
    I because often travel, live had of hotel also also is many, Suzhou South Park Hotel, is I live had of hotel in the, only some several one of, even is to currently weizhi only of hotel, let I willing to generous to with intimate, warm, warm heart, words to described. hotel is garden type hotel, very beautiful, very quiet. facilities also very good, hotel of service on more is special worth a mention. staying Hotel Shi, because travel from a city to another city, belly is hungry, wineShop inside prepared has Apple, small snack, cookies, water and so on, also has cut fruit of knife. room inside mosquito tablets also points Shang has, fragrance of Huang Jiaolan also in small table Shang quietly to open, bath robe is two species, a summer of, a fall of, because now is season of when. very intimate. I in check out Shi, from 8th, floor go to check out of 5th, floor, staff saw has ran came help I moved luggage. previously has once I of room card bad has into can't door, staff alsoIs has been run to I live of floors. I also through hotel two times sent sent Express, staff are very patience of help I. hotel of business center is 24 hours service. hotel of breakfast also very good, not only is good, staff really of hope guest is happy to eat to they like eat of breakfast, and dedicated of service, breakfast of noodles and that bit cook noodles of master, are special worth points praise, if like eat noodles, strongly recommended everyone to try. most of hotel, to guestPeople feel good nor bad, but this hotel, in detail, and deeply in love.
  • ecustlarry
    Nice, next outing will choose
  • e01263820
    That's good
  • amy2011
    Environment, services, transportation, dining and drinking were very satisfied!
  • bmw M6
    In a quiet, every time I Suzhou
  • missmelva
    Suzhou hotel, location was good, hotel courtyard
  • fiona71
    Very good, nice, next time!
  • stvringle
    Let people feel the cultural atmosphere in the lobby of the hotel, enthusiastic Concierge and front desk customer service will give you a very warm feeling!
  • e00083335
    Location is great and convenient shopping service
  • ABC dragons
    Very good, service very good, environment comfortable! recommended.
  • byorse
    Which is very nice
  • E02767507
    Elegant hotel, the traffic is very convenient, especially great, happen to be elderly birthday gift birthday cake, will definitely stay again next time to Suzhou. really worth recommending!
  • JASONXU918
    First, environment is simple and elegant, warm and thoughtful service. it is worth staying again!
  • permint
    Hotel is good, detail is very good. especially moderate prices of their goods sold in supermarkets in the lobby, is the lowest in the five-star hotel.
  • cc123621
    It is very good location ... Shiquan Street, Phoenix Street, was very close to, the most worthy of mention is the North Gate of the old Suzhou hotel is very good, value for money! Unfortunately the shops on either side but had nothing to buy, sugar-roasted chestnuts are OK, a little bit expensive. Nice, rooms are small, sometimes hope that more disappointments are bigger!
  • bsjbfd
    Hotel Concierge and the other staff at the front desk were very enthusiastic, tell the environment around us, we have a problem, are very eager to answer. The hotel itself is a beautiful garden and has a long history, the hotel itself is a few independent celebrity Villa wall even into a like to titillate House, great collector He Yanong's former residence, as well as Lin Biao, the then project 571, the hotel provides a free guide hotel's history. Surrounding the hotel is also muchPraise, a basketful of delicious restaurants in Phoenix is close to the street, walked for a few minutes, and in the city center, in front of bus station is convenient to the attractions. Very happy selected historic South Park Hotel, recommended centuries South Park this book, go read it.
  • feng0728
    Good surroundings, green and fresh air, a holiday outing with a choice.
  • e00045473
    Very comfortable feeling staying here special relaxing
  • e01748087
    That's good
  • doll567
    Deserves to have here, attention to detail, antique, hardware and software standard very good. location is also very good, old street and other attractions are very convenient, and cost-effective.
  • xiner_baby
    Beautiful environment, landscape architecture, it is worth staying.
  • dongdongge123
    Environment there are free guided tours it is worth playing
  • biewbiew
    That's good