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Garden Hotel Suzhou is located in Shiquan Street, a famous tourist and cultural street in Suzhou, close to Wangshi garden, a famous scenic spot; Hotel is located in the center of the city, Canglang Pavilion, Humble Administrator's garden, lion forest and other famous Suzhou gardens are close at hand. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the hotel to Lindun Road Station of Rail Transit Line 1 and sanyuanfang station of rail transit line 4.
The hotel is characterized by traditional Suzhou garden architecture, and the traditional style and fashion sentiment are seamlessly connected in the South Garden; Design to 'garden + home' as the concept, garden villa style, room design to modern, fashion, classical combination.
The hotel has a 660 square meter pillarless multi-function hall and various multi-function conference halls; Professional conference sales team and conference service department, to provide customers with a variety of activities of one-stop service. The fitness center is equipped with complete fitness facilities, table tennis hall, outdoor tennis court and Spa leisure center, which is the best choice for you to relax.
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FAQs when booking at Garden Hotel Suzhou
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Garden Hotel Suzhou?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Garden Hotel Suzhou.

  • Does Garden Hotel Suzhou have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Garden Hotel Suzhou have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Garden Hotel Suzhou offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Garden Hotel Suzhou accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Garden Hotel Suzhou accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Garden Hotel Suzhou?

    Each costs cny129 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Garden Hotel Suzhou?

    The room prices is from cny858, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • binggood
    not bad
  • ABC dragons
    Very good, extremely good service attitude, comfortable environment! recommend.
  • cocobaca
    The second check-in is really good and worth recommending!
  • milanviva
    Elegant environment, five-star service, convenient location, delicious food everywhere, quiet in the noise, historical sites, beautiful women and lovely, warm fresh meat, must praise and sincerely recommend, ha ha ha
  • butterliao
    very nice! I'll come back
  • rosrain
    The hotel has a good location, typical Suzhou garden style and very good accommodation experience. It is still the first choice next time.
  • dx930
    Yes, my friend ordered it! Come again next time!!!
  • xueww126
    Although the facilities of the old five-star hotel are a little old, the sanitation partners and service staff are very good. There is Chiang Ching Kuo's private garden in it. Every half an hour, there is a battery car to show you around for free. The breakfast is also said to be very good. The cows are imported from South Korea
  • e00158955
    It's a hotel with Suzhou garden characteristics. It's located in the downtown area. It's recommended to drive to the surrounding scenic spots on foot, but there will be traffic jams. Although the hotel is older, its service is still very good, so it's a good choice for sightseeing.
  • fangxijin
    Just checked in, the service staff were warm and considerate, and the environment was beautiful. Go to the restaurant and try again later
  • gongsifa
    Garden Hotel, with elegant environment, quiet in trouble, convenient transportation and many characteristic restaurants around.
  • atingaming
    Very good hotel hardware facilities, but also has a unique cultural heritage
  • e01718444
    The child said he liked the hotel very much. He was not afraid to swim in the swimming pool every day when he came back. The dressing room was too small. There's a noodle shop out the back gate. It's still open until 1:30 p.m. and the tip of the tongue 2 introduced it. The signature noodles and big meat taste great. Just outside the main gate, there is a webmaster garden, which is said to be a reduced version of the Humble Administrator's garden. Although it is far from the latter, the key is that there are few people. For visiting the garden, there are too few people. You can walk slowly and swim slowly. There is a bus stop outside the main gate. It is more convenient to go to the tourist center or transfer to various scenic spots. The key is that there are few people. There are small snacks such as plum. The room service is good. Every 30 minutes, there is a free tour guide in the park to introduce some human history in the hotel and Lin Biao's air raid shelter. He is deeply impressed with the Buddhist hall. As soon as he enters, people will calm down. The lunch buffet is a group of public comments, which is quite cost-effective. In terms of lunch, there are many choices. I will choose this one when I go to Suzhou in the future.
  • biggestdreamer
    This is the thrid time we stay in this hotel. Liked the environment and the services. The only problem is that the central air conditioner system does not function in autumn or spring, where the temperature is still in the 70s and lower 80s F. The breakfast is good. The environment is excellent.
  • douyatou
    The hotel environment was very good, and the attitude of the service staff was also very friendly
  • cufue
    The hotel environment is very beautiful, the service is very friendly and up to standard, the room is very large, and the line of sight is very good. Every part of the yard feels like a Suzhou garden. The book at the head of the bed introduces the past and present life of the hotel, which is very attractive. I can't wait to look like it. I'll check in again next time
  • PandaMan
    Very comfortable hotel, details see mind, every place you can feel the heart of the hotel service. I especially like the sandalwood and aromatherapy stove in my room. The garden layout of the hotel is exquisite. It fully embodies the unique architectural style of Suzhou. It is worth recommending
  • liumingxiaonw
    The hotel service was very good, the hardware was very good.
  • e00914929
    I've never written comments. I think it's really necessary to write something this time. The five-star hotel is not a little. Nanyuan is a hotel with a lot of history. It is definitely not the best in hardware, but it is very humanized in terms of service and the details are in place. A pair of white orchids, an embroidered wallet and a box of tea on the desk are not worth any money, but they seem very thoughtful. I think I will go again.
  • doudou2
    Nanyuan hotel really deserves its reputation. The service staff here are very enthusiastic towards the guests. The management of the hotel pays great attention to details, such as children's slippers, children's toothpaste, small puzzles, etc. On the first day we arrived, we caught up with the Suzhou Pingtan performance in the garden. It was really good. The environment in the hospital is beautiful and the rooms are clean and tidy. At the door is the bus stop, very convenient. It's worth living in Suzhou.
  • nymcoon
    Good service attitude, the hotel environment was very comfortable, not disappointed
  • bjsuperboy
    The environment is very good and the service is also very good. I heard that it's the best hotel in Suzhou. I came to feel it. It's really worthy of the name~
  • e00111262
    I ordered it for my family. They said it was good, the service was satisfactory, and the location was convenient. give the thumbs-up
  • cnecp
    The hotel facilities are satisfactory, but the hygiene details still need to be improved. The location is convenient. The toiletries are from o'shudan. We pay great attention to quality. The hotel has its own scenery.
  • icesee233
    The hotel has a beautiful environment and is suitable for leisure
  • e00051384
    Very good. The front desk is very beautiful
  • gracejb
    The hotel environment is beautiful, garden style hotel, come again next time
  • juliatonglei
    Good environment, good service
  • GiselleWlp
    The environment is good, the location is convenient, the service attitude is good, and they are happy to consult if they don't understand.
  • abc123o
    very good
  • ivory_0419
    Hotel facilities, elegant environment. Friendly service. Adults and children like it. The first choice to Suzhou
  • yl0763
    Very good environment, location and service attitude. I like it here
  • amy_bob
    The environment is very good and quiet. There is a hotel guide to guide the tour. There are snacks in the room, which the children like very much.
  • e00209714
    The environment is very good
  • ff9999
    Five star high praise, free upgrade ~ ha ha ha ha ha, very good
  • felix101200
    Very good hotel. The reconstruction of Jiang Weiguo's old house and he Zehui's rented house in the old urban area of Suzhou lasted a long time and has a profound cultural heritage. It is only a hundred steps away from the webmaster garden. It is quiet in the midst of trouble and pleasant scenery. However, hardware is not the key point. The management and service of the hotel are the most impressive to me. The warm and considerate service staff and the fragrance of white orchids in the room melted my heart... Nanyuan hotel is the best hotel I have ever visited! I'll come back next time
  • jecylin
    A typical garden hotel in Suzhou, with a full set of bath supplies and small gifts. The service staff always greet you warmly and actively. It's a very comfortable check-in experience!
  • cometomer
    When I travel to Suzhou, my friends first recommend this hotel. When I get off the railway station and take a taxi to the hotel, the taxi drivers all say: the hotel you ordered was formerly a state guesthouse, which was received and used by the government at the earliest time! I'm curious about this hotel! As soon as I get into the hotel and get off the taxi, the handsome man of the concierge helps to carry my luggage. The front desk service is also enthusiastic and recommends the surrounding food and nearby scenic spots. Opposite the door of the hotel is wangshiyuan. The remote control in the room is specially disinfected, and the cup is also disinfected. Listening to the guide's introduction, the mattresses in the room are disinfected regularly by ozone, which makes me a cleaner specialist feel more at ease! It can be seen that the hotel is really considerate for the guests, and the details can be seen everywhere: the map, glasses paper and small gifts in the room are also very happy! Add a lot of color to my summer vacation trip!!
  • xmgas
    Very good, very satisfied
  • seerlee
    The hotel has good hardware, good service attitude and convenient travel
    With elegant environment and convenient transportation, Shiquan Street has its own characteristics
  • d01079483
    The environment is very nice and elegant
  • jswxwangwei
    Very good. It's expensive for a reason. I'm very satisfied
  • bennben
    Grand Hotel, garden style, good service~
  • e00245930
    The hotel is very good. It's very special. I'm very satisfied. I'll check in next time
  • esse8411_06
    The hotel is very beautiful and the location is good. My son likes it very much
  • lfwater
    The geographical location is very good. It is very convenient to the scenic spots and snack street. The hotel itself is also a garden. You can take a battery car to enjoy it. The hardware is very good, and there are a lot of books beside the bedside in the room. The guest's books are also written in small Kai calligraphy. It's very cultural!
  • justme999
    The attitude of the waiters and the hotel facilities are excellent!
  • jianbo826
    The hotel is located in the old city, full of old Suzhou flavor, very good
  • ninni_liu
    The second time, I like the atmosphere here
  • atatat
    The environment and housing conditions are very good, and the service quality is very good
  • alabode
    The service is very good, the environment is very elegant. The room is clean.
  • Jayron
    Living in Chiang's former residence, one by one historical photos, it's a special feeling.
  • alina_xie
    Everything is good! Maybe more smiling faces would be better if the service was better. But the hotel's quietness, hygiene and geographical location are excellent. I'm satisfied!
  • Jonse
    The hotel has the feeling of Jiangnan Water Town, and the service is also very friendly. The remote control and cups in the room are disinfected, and the mattresses are disinfected regularly! The tea presented by the front desk is also very good!
  • carmenlww
    The hotel environment is super good, the breakfast is also good, the guest room aunt is good, my daughter likes her very much, and will stay here next time!
  • raining_day
    It's an impeccable hotel with good location. It's very convenient to go to all scenic spots. The environment is good. Follow the tour guide and learn a lot of historical knowledge. This is the parent-child hotel. The key point is good service, and there are many hotels that have stayed in. The service here is more comfortable and not artificial. Naturally, this should be the trend of hotel service in the future. Continue to refuel and come back when you are free.
  • lj201120
    It's a beautiful hotel with typical Suzhou garden style. The rooms are clean and tidy. I like it very much. I'm looking forward to staying next time.
  • maminda
    The service was very good, and the buffet breakfast in the restaurant was also great. The best hotel I've ever stayed in
  • e00939591
    Very good environment, good service
  • lovelyyuyu
    Great service
  • jywrd
    I heard it's great!
  • bj_tracy
    The room is a little noisy by the side of the road, the others are OK
  • clx9880
    Nice environment. It's a classic old hotel
  • e03401310
    Garden like hotel, each small building is well arranged, birds sing and flowers smell.
  • LeafWong
    The overall feeling is good, especially the folk music performance in the lobby every night. The soothing incense presented every night in the room, and the lotus Xuan Su Bang food in the hotel tastes good.
  • A-Man
    As soon as you enter the hotel, you can feel the strong characteristics of the Soviet style garden. The lobby is accompanied by the gurgling sound of water, especially the feeling of Jiangnan. The front desk is very warm. It introduces the hotel's facilities and equipment in detail, and introduces the half hour tour guide activities. Then the staff bring them into the room, which is also very intimate. The style of the room is similar to that of the whole hotel, which is also Chinese style, There are many books at the head of the bed and incense on the desk; The hotel is in the center of the city. It's only 5 minutes' walk to wangshiyuan. It's also convenient to go to Shizilin, Humble Administrator's garden. It's also convenient to take a taxi. After coming back in the afternoon, I visited the tour guide activities of the hotel. It turns out that there are so many scenic spots and former residences of celebrities in the courtyard. Lin Biao's car is actually the Fourth Red Flag car in China. It's absolutely expensive!! Highly recommended.
  • e00049771
    The service was particularly good. I upgraded it for us when I came in. I'm so happy!!!
  • msry6yl2
    Hou Rong has a kind attitude and works conscientiously and responsibly
  • BIBO415263
    Facts have proved that my choice is correct. Everything is fine. I will choose him next time I go to Suzhou.
  • dagougou1981cdw
    Amazing Hotel, a hotel with a story.
  • bmw M6
    I live in Suzhou every time
  • ju0018
    First of all, the hotel environment is very good! The front desk service is also great! The room definitely exceeded my expectations! The room charge of only 800 was supposed to be upgraded. Later, I heard that the administrative lounge was being renovated... I'll stay here next time I come to Suzhou!
  • wanderer497
    The service was very good. Good choice. Praise!
  • pbb03082224
    The environment is elegant, I feel very good, very satisfied.