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Garden HotelSuzhou was once the private garden of Mr. Jiang Jie Shi. Starting from 1952, the SuzhouGarden Hotelwas appointed the residence for state guests by the Suzhou Government, serving hundreds of national leaders. The hotel underwent an RMB 2.6 billion renovation in 2005. TheGarden HotelSuzhou is within the stone's throw from world cultural heritage sites such as the Master-of-Nets...More>>

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  • xiner_baby
    Beautiful environment, landscape architecture, it is worth staying.
  • f01205
    Good external environment of the hotel, is a garden-style hotel, but, after all, is an old hotel, rooms not too new, good location of the hotel, is quite satisfied with the stay.
  • msry6yl2
    When velvet sweet, serious and responsible work
  • csjalan
    Services are very good, 5 star hotel it no problem!
  • e01718444
    Children said very like this hotel, daily back are fear tired of to pool tour while, is locker room is too small has. Hou door out has home noodle business to at 1 o'clock in the afternoon also is 1:30 of, tongue 2 introduced had of, signs surface and meat of taste is praise. are door out is on has a network Division Park, said is narrowed version of clumsy political Park, although and which far, but key is people less Ah, for tour garden,, people less too key's, can slowly go slowSlow tour Ah. are door out has a bus station, to visitors center or turned to all attractions also compared convenient, key also is people rare seat Ah. has sent plum like of small snacks, rooms service good. each across 30 minutes has free Park within Guide introduced hotel within of some Humanities history, Lin Biao of shelter,, on Temple impression compared deep, a in people on static down has. noon of buffet is mass reviews Shang mission of, quite deal, on lunch,, select is many has. toAfter Suzhou can choose this.
  • e00786627
    Suzhou General preferred
  • LXY669328
    Here, it was very good!
  • emilysw
    A very good environment! service was great!
  • rmgrimm
  • e01362596
    Environment, good service, definitely next time again.
  • loveplay
    Super nice hotel, in a garden, and is House to titillate that year, full of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, warm service, beautiful garden, everything was perfect! Worth taking the children on a trip!
  • little_pig916
    September 2 away from shop day 8th, floor of service personnel also deliberately help I contact has taxi, is praise; first days to hotel Shi to we enthusiasm introduced hotel history of beauty welcome bin, introduced of is good is full; also has help I contact holiday of Concierge Department reception personnel, is patience of answered has I all of problem, eventually I holiday of very smooth, anyway hotel of service to I left has is good of impression.
  • weepingsun
    Very good
  • ffmsu
    Antique Garden Hotel, service is excellent, well worth a visit
  • e01144447
    Beautiful environment, good service, convenient travel, is the preferred hotel of Suzhou tourism!
  • BOMBOM99
    Very good, reception desk, money is very good! and good service, well next time
  • nova1107
    I was elderly home, they came back and reflect very well!
  • jiaxing
    Convenient health services is good, all of 5 min
  • lfwjy2008
    Good hotel, excellent service, and come again!
  • uu010
    First time staying at South Park Hotel, very classical garden feeling ... next time I go to also consider staying at South Park Hotel in Suzhou.
  • E04874108
    Hotel service was very good, clean facilities, atmosphere. the overall feel of the hotel was good
  • beibei
    Hotel very nice! very nice! great!
  • babycat
    Good good good good good good good good good good
  • dog0210
    Well ... Well ...
  • bf1206
    That's good.
  • saide
    Very good, very quiet, the rooms are great.
  • dfgrid
    Hotel itself is one of the attractions, a history gardens have, around the snack very rich, breakfast was good
  • steven_xuye
    Service is very good, thoughtful facilities
  • baobaobaba
    Every time I go to live here, gardens, cultural history, reception service very good.
  • Royce
    Environment excellent, dinner around is easy.
  • sunny831109
    For each stay, are satisfied.
  • e01158107
    Environment is beautiful, small bridges and flowing water.
  • aodi100
    Although Hotel phase more now new of as Jinji Lake side of hotel from room size, new old, swimming pool facilities, hardware Shang not best of, but hotel of service very good, is currently live had of hotel in the row in forefront of, hotel rooms of Zhang yuxia see we has children active sent Shang children slippers and toothbrush, with breakfast Shi waiter active will eggs, meat cakes sent to we table, dang with play breakfast to visit Hotel Shi coincided with peak, but see we elderly children also is sent car to we, The location of the hotel was good, the opposite is the master of the nets garden, nearby restaurants featured Ford floor fried red and a fresh noodle soup, delicious, and inexpensive, is that Cheng restaurant feeling value is too low
  • lily_xr2008
    Good hotel came back the second time until the room supplies and change the General introduction is the United Kingdom's top brands seven plus the room was quiet hotel is beautiful will come again
  • dodovsdodo
    A came in on think hotel is has that Jiangsu and Zhejiang garden of style is beautiful because father feet fell injury has originally set of suite is upper and lower two layer not too convenient front desk very enthusiasm of contact has replacement room of matters because through third party reservation of middle has a contact of time but front desk personnel attitude very good various greeted contact room in also is clean clean hotel of location also is good overall are is satisfaction
  • e00245390
    Hotel location is very good, on Shiquan Street naozhongqujing, garden style picturesque. lobby features simple, courteous receptionist. hotel breakfast variety, taste is also very good. very nice experience.
  • alernt2009
    Very good
  • a touch of rouge
    Reception very friendly, environment nice, convenient!
  • gongdt
    Very good, Wu Weimin Lady at the front desk reception recommended tours, nice hotel, Concierge was very helpful
  • aodo007
    Environment is good, service is good.
  • xueyun79
    Good, featured, tour guides with good service!
  • Mr.Lu
    Nice hotel, service very good.
  • carrieyang121
    The hotel did not have to say, many foreign leaders were living here, the surrounding environment better, the hotel many attractions you can visit
  • tedwu888
    To Suzhou again, or choose a used to live in South Park Hotel.
  • e00152012
    Feel good, service very good.
  • jan37
    Beautiful hotels are recommended to serve particular praise JORA and Ranico are very friendly recommendation to visit the main station and the hotel really losing hope
  • fanfan8383
    Environment is especially good, service very good, convenient
  • angel1005
    Very good, next time
  • ExcitedFree
    100[%] satisfaction, thank you velvet Hou hospitality!
  • joy4291
    Very good location, very good breakfast, baby love.