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Garden HotelSuzhou was once the private garden of Mr. Jiang Jie Shi. Starting from 1952, the SuzhouGarden Hotelwas appointed the residence for state guests by the Suzhou Government, serving hundreds of national leaders. The hotel underwent an RMB 2.6 billion renovation in 2005. TheGarden HotelSuzhou is within the stone's throw from world cultural heritage sites such as the Master-of-Nets...More>>

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  • fenly
    Strategic location, environment, send a lot of gifts.
  • e00914929
    Has never no wrote had comments, this think really of has necessary wrote points what has. five-star of hotel live have also not is less has, South Park is a is has history heritage of hotel, it in hardware Shang absolute not best of, but in service aspects do have is very human of, details aspects is in place, desk Shang of pair white Orchid, a embroidery small wallet, a box tea, although worth what money is is is has mind, I wants to I also will again to of.
  • e02801727
    Very good!
  • JimLam
    Hotel is very good, the hotel itself is a small garden, worthy of the original hotel, Suzhou will also select it next time.
  • e00373014
    For business, the environment is good, service satisfaction.
  • cjg888
    Good good good
  • caselfyang
    Hotel is located in the old city of Suzhou, a very good environment, good service.
  • e02138736
    Rooms at South Park was my best choice, beautiful environment, service is really nothing to say, the hotel itself is the garden, next to or will choose South Park
  • caowei1970
    Environment and service very good.
  • E03363129
    Hotel is very nice, very clean, and help us to free upgrade, really good!
  • Anna Rice Wine
    Very nice hotel
  • briefboy
    Beautiful environment, guy at the front desk very nice Oh Joon, described in great detail, giving a free upgrade, it's great.
  • bmw M6
    In a quiet, every time I Suzhou
  • tongguoxiang
    That's good
  • e00022807
    Front desk was very nice
  • JustinLee1987
    Very good, nice, waiter service was excellent value, next time will stay
  • letian2017
    Comfortable environment, service amenities!
  • missmelva
    Suzhou hotel, location was good, hotel courtyard
  • gdffffff
    Worthy of the first hotel in Suzhou.
  • LUCY925
    Nice-very warm-very satisfied-the next time you come to Suzhou will choose this hotel
  • guoguolan
    Receptionist Belinda service attitude is good, thoughtful. hotel is typical of Suzhou garden style, very comfortable.
  • e00095057
    Environment, good service, good location, travel has been staying here
    Has been forget reviews has, environment is good, hotel inside on has garden views, for I this actually has to Suzhou good times of for House Hotel in photo best has o ( _ ) o, live of Jiang home Villa, from II layer corridor see down special praise. hotel of buffet also is delicious, varieties rich, dessert is delicious, beverage varieties also many, Xia of surface taste also is praise. night eat self words also has small pot, also has delicious of ice cream, seems also has wine? not drinking byDidn't notice, seems to have given a hearing so
  • sue1985sue
    Hotel service very good, very active. Hotel facility slightly old, after all, old hotels, rooms are small, but clean.
  • vivian619
    Hotel excellent location, good service, and environment.
  • cedric_tan
    Hotel was clean, staff. staff and front desk staff very helpful... gave a dinner at the restaurant of the hotel is great, staff were very helpful... breakfast was gorgeous and delicious... also had a chance hotel you want to stay.
  • lynn01
    Special and attentive service at the front desk, lobby clean, with enchanting fragrance. free upgrade to a suite, two floors, very large and comfortable.?
  • CarmenLiang
    As always ... great hotel. first-class service.
  • Dave666
    Garden Hotel, Fu woman explained to me at the front desk is also very meticulous, in place! nice
  • sunbinup
    That's good
  • BIBO415263
    Turns out, my choice is right. that's all right, next to the Suzhou will choose him.
  • fieow
    Environment class
  • cindycxl
    Service is very good, rooms very clean and very big
  • benmar
    Service very detailed. Suzhou hotel with history.
  • e01029459
    All right
  • fei1125
    Service very good landscape is very beautiful
  • sisimoon
    Very good
  • lamb1997
    Hotel several times, environment is very good, the service is also very good. The only thing is the hotel's breakfast was not good as before, especially in order to disperse crowd in Lotus Inn breakfast, variety.
  • cattoy37
    Very satisfied, whether service or the location, I like
  • candy603
    Service is really good, comfortable! environmental landscape, give the feel of elegant, evening performances, local show, bang bang, feel the culture of Suzhou!! whole family of five lived here are well satisfied!
  • can7din7
    Antique well
  • e03637049
    Crane red hungry crane red top top top top top top
  • m00909406
    It's not bad
  • e00113704
    Everything is good!
  • andysu
    This is a is worth recommended of a hotel! this is a makes you comfortable of hotel! this is a to you surprise of hotel! note, I not supporting, this is I staying Hou of vital feel, first; first from staying said up, because I zhiqian scheduled is not too note, separate set has two between set, but has a between see wrong has time, to has shop Hou only found zhiqian a between time had has. hotel front desk very thoughtful, immediately application help I application put that between room adjustable to day, avoid I of loss, this cardMing hotel overlook, for the sake of guests. in addition, in order to verify my order and said that because time is a little long at the front desk, and automatically upgrade my room, which I was pleasantly surprised, thanks! The second hotel design and location of commendable! hotel itself is one of the gardens of Suzhou attractions, the hotel has quite the history of landscape, here one by one point-rating, in short, your surprise! Third room and hotel 'Fitness, equipment. from the hotel's design and furnishings of the room, you can see the hotel really work in detail, everywhere stand in the way of thinking of customers. in addition, the hotel comfort and quiet. All in all, I think this is the best choice of Suzhou tourist staying next to Suzhou, this is definitely my first choice.
  • cjw1219
    Very satisfied, environment is really good
  • jiaoyoujun
    Environment is good, room is clean
    Environment is very good, typical of Suzhou garden style, good
  • MaTaiYan
    Super hotel, Garden smell is very strong! service, booked two rooms, front desk to arrange room, very intimate! will select the later South Park!
  • pengliyun
    Very suitable for a family holiday, from soon good stay, to each service from the front desk staff were very helpful, room service are met in the hallway, also sent a son, puzzles and son very happy. next time you come to Suzhou will also choose South Park