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Indonesian Four-Hand Oil Massage

This signature treatment involves a synchronised oil massage by two professional therapists. Using a mixture of Balinese, Hawaiian, Thai, Swedish and Japanese massage techniques, the four-hand therapy brings deep relaxation to the muscles and helps to improve the body's lymphatic drainage. Accompanied by soothing music, the therapists move over the entire body in synchronised rhythmic motions that calm the body and mind, while the warm oil nourishes and brightens the skin.

Ayurvedic Oil Drip Therapy

One of the world's oldest forms of therapeutic healing, the traditional Indian therapy of Shirodhara, also known as third-eye massage, has been proven over centuries as a highly effective form of Ayurvedic healing. The unique treatment involves medicated oil dripping rhythmically onto the forehead and is beneficial for relieving stress, calming and clearing the mind and fortifying the organs and nervous system.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

This traditional royal massage therapy from the tropical island of Hawaii is inspired by the deeply meditative effect of the ocean tides. The spa therapist uses long smooth strokes to release a wave of relaxation across the entire body. Hawaiian lomi lomi helps to promote blood circulation and oxygenation and to stimulate lymphatic system detoxification. It can also be particularly effective in helping to restore injured ligaments and tendons.

Thai Palace Herbal Therapy

This ancient Thai therapy uses heated herbal poultices on specific areas of the body to warm the muscles and promote blood circulation, lymph detoxification and deep muscle relaxation. Thai herbal therapy combined with traditional Thai massage is particularly beneficial in treating chronic muscular pain of the shoulders and waist caused by long periods sitting in front of a computer.

Traditional Thai Spa Massage

This massage incorporates yoga postures and acupressure techniques to stimulate the meridians of the body and encourage blood circulation. The relaxing and highly energising massage helps to release muscular tension and body pains, eliminate fatigue and strengthen the nervous system. Following the treatment, you'll feel refreshed and invigorated from head to toe.

Indian Yoga Meridian Therapy

Both Indian and Chinese traditional healing practices recognise the importance of the body's meridians for optimum health. This unique therapy combines the best of both cultures, using yoga style movements to clear meridian blockages and restore vital healing life force. It also incorporates healing magnetic field energy and the goodness of aromatherapy plant extracts for a truly transcendental experience toward physical and spiritual health.

Thai Foot Bath

The feet are a reflex zone for the all the organs of our body and are interlinked with each of the body's 12 meridians. Caring for the feet is therefore vital for overall health and wellbeing. This feel-good foot treatment uses uplifting aromatherapy oils, a warming foot bath and health-promoting reflexology techniques for deeply relaxing results.