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On March 22, wenshan suzhou began, a "Chinese wind"

Date: 2014-01-17

Netease entertainment on March 19 Sponsored by the "948" beautiful suzhou music broadcast "music of humanity" on March 22 night seven point three very peony hall in the center of the suzhou culture and arts.This is "humanity music" brand activities in 2014, the first, good continuation of last year's 948 main body concept, intention to invite Chinese pop music master to suzhou to share related to music, create professional content.The "music of humanity" is invited to Taiwan famous intellectuals, songwriter, Mr Fang wenshan.
Fang wenshan, with "Chinese wind" lyrics for the popular music songwriter, make free with the image of Oriental emotional appeal, the classical culture and vocabulary creation should be the ancient well this lyrics.He often planted allusions clever lyrics, and art to create a lot of words to use, used to text visualization, so unique word wind.Lyrics representative works include "dong", "miles away", "blue and white porcelain", "Prague square" and "has been very quiet", and so on.In addition, Mr Fang wenshan creation including written works in other ways the peninsula tin box figure documents, the Chinese wind - lyrics in the game "and" fang wenshan, flow and film "heard the sound of rain" and so on.