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Innovation to change the plight of culture to shape the brand

Date: 2013-05-03

South Park Hotel held the 2012 annual summary in recognition of 2013 outlook for staff meeting
A review of the 2012 work, clear 2013 objectives and measures and to find innovative change the plight once again pushed. On January 23, the South Park Hotel summed up in recognition of the year 2012 and the 2013 Job Outlook staff meeting was held in the waterfalls Hall. Cathay Pacific Group President, South Park Hotel Daniel Chan, chairman attended the meeting, Hotel Keyan Nan, deputy general manager presided over the meeting.
At the meeting, the general manager Chen Tieying a brief review of the 2012 work, annual basic hotel "the performance brand go hand in hand" total annual target. And all the staff hard work and hard work in the past year to express my sincere thanks. Outlook, 2013 South Park will "Wu Yunwen into the center, work together to create a model of" focusing on the 2013 objectives; perfect quality, innovation and development ";" team building as a starting point, the harmony and the efficient as a working target, change the plight of innovation, branding culture.
, Management objectives: target plan for 2013 total revenue of 95 million yuan year-on-year increase of 2.05%; $ GOP2588 million year-on-year increase of 4.1%; the BOSS card sales 300 total recharge of 17 million yuan. So that "the quality of the South Park Suzhou impression cuisine of South Park Suzhou taste. Second, the internal management objectives: based on the quality of service, innovation and service processes, create a garden boutique hotel a model of the perfect South Park situation reflected in any of the details of the work, as a strong guarantee for the completion of the total annual revenue for South Park brand extension and promote the contribution of greatest strength. Third, corporate culture management objectives: a "love each other" as the core team building is an eternal theme of corporate culture in South Park. To create a united, stable and motivated team is the development of responsibility and mission, to "cultivate loyal customers, but also to cultivate loyal employees" management philosophy to run a business.
Focusing on how to complete the objectives and tasks of the 2013 hotel, 11 department managers came to power made a stand to speak with confidence and determination to lead the team to complete the various indicators.
At the meeting, Chairman of the Board and the executive team for the 2012 Group and guesthouses advanced collectives and individuals awarded the honorary certificate. Star of the Group's services and representatives of the best interns on how to further improve the service and made a stand to speak. Zhang, chairman of the trade union report on the 2012 work of trade unions and employee satisfaction surveys.
Finally, Daniel Chan, chairman made an important indicator sure the hotel in 2013 to create a garden boutique hotel objectives, to encourage all South Park around 2013 objectives: (i) grasping create initiatives to implement. Highlights the history, culture, garden style, perfect service; (ii) every revenue. Continue to adjust marketing ideas to expand the tourism market, foreign guests market. The sector indicators further refinement, refinement of each month, each point, everyone, to be imprinted on everyone's brain, and with a good system, good team to ensure the implementation of the completion. (Iii) caught a team-building, caring staff. Further promote the "love each other a" corporate culture, social interests, the interests of the employees, the interests of the shareholders of the three should take into account. Solidarity, hand in hand, playing the South Park caused by the unique Wu Yun characteristics of Chinese garden boutique hotel, a business card of the most beautiful cities in Suzhou.
2013 was a challenging year, called on all South Park team work, innovation and change the plight of cultural branding, Ningxinjuli again pushed to new.