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Suzhou open its doors to meet education lead Chinese and foreign education graduate courtyard door

Date: 2012-12-06

"now a lot of people to suzhou impression still stay in the open the door to meet all over the world manufacturing period, and now we are to the world of higher education and innovative open gate".5, Victoria state of Australia labor party leader senator Daniel Andrew a line came to the jiangsu province suzhou city industrial park, to visit the reception at industrial park management committee director Yang know review with fluent English to introduce.

This visit, the most concern is the world famous Victoria university monash university and jiangsu southeast university in suzhou cooperation in running schools project.According to the vice President of southeast university PuYuePiao introduction, southeast university, monash university graduate school of suzhou joint is the China's first approved by the ministry of education of Chinese and foreign joint graduate school, now there will be a total of software, industrial design and traffic three directions.Joint graduate school course from southeast university and monash university teachers in the teaching, the school students also have the chance to go to the school.

For the establishment of the joint graduate school, Andrew appears very excited, he said he is also monash university graduates, as an old alumni, for Alma mater can come into China, Chinese and foreign joint ventures and become a milestone in the history of he was proud.He also praised the accompanying staff said: "graduate school teaching building is the monash I've seen all the best in the building of a".In spite of the fact with the composition of flattery, but he looks really joy is telling him to the huge "milestone" satisfaction.In addition, all the way to see suzhou humanistic atmosphere and is responsible for the reception of the industrial park officials good spoken English also let Andrew left a deep impression, he believes that monash university can in this soil and environment take root, can bear rich fruit.

In addition to Andrew besides, Yang know assessment and PuYuePiao also to graduate schools have a lot to look forward to.Yang know a lot of people think the evaluation of suzhou impression or "open the door to meet all over the world manufacturing industry", but with the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, science and technology and the role of talent is gradually highlight, and now suzhou is to do the preparation.Currently, only suzhou industrial zone has 23 universities, the people's university, the university of Liverpool, England famous universities at home and abroad in this setting the teaching, scientific research site.In Yang know review opinion, the school and foreign joint ventures of university is especially important, because they play a foreign advanced technology into China's domestic important role, at the same time develop the younger generation talent will become the future of China and the world communication bridge.

"At the moment we are on the road, there is a certain distance from the destination", visit on the way, Yang know to review the current assessment of double meaning for the development of higher education in suzhou.But he also said the suzhou industrial park will be more efforts to increase the investment of science and technology, attracting talents from all over the world and research resources, change people the impression of suzhou low-end manufacturing center of the image.