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Suzhou open built the first domestic luxury shopping village named 'suzhou village'

Date: 2012-11-20

2012 China international travel fair 15, held in Shanghai, this is a professional conference tourism industry.In the morning, reporters in the LvJiaoHui scene, jiangsu exhibition area in the domestic each big performance in the provinces and cities, mainly in suzhou popular tourism products popular in tourism from the attention of people.Suzhou flashed out not only by the industry generally accepted innovation tourism products, but also through the new project to the industry present the city more and more strong international lun namely model.

  The set of suzhou in jiangsu exhibition area half

Reporter noticed, suzhou were at the scene set up 17 platform, accounting for half of the whole area of jiangsu province.In order to better introduce suzhou, the suzhou tourism department were prepared including English, Japanese, Korean, data of 200000 publicity album.

"One morning has been colleagues line to the more than 10000 copies of material, according to the situation of the consultation, suzhou high-quality goods swim line the most concern, such as suzhou old city, pool street, pingkiang road, the world cultural heritage architecture, ring taihu lake leisure tourism, leisure tourism related products."Suzhou tourism bureau, deputy director of the market place HuCaiJin is introduced.

  Suzhou pioneering "family packages for popular

Be worth what carry is, suzhou tourism department of the latest one thousand yuan family travel package let a person shine at the moment.

According to HuCaiJin introduction, this is for the tourists preferences leisure self-help tourism situation, by the tourism department lead tourism enterprise launched promotional tour package, the package are not more than 1000 yuan, but it can meet a family of three in suzhou enjoy high quality two days one night of short trips, very suitable for long triangle area family.Package contains four-star hotel accommodation, a lesson with suzhou characteristics of family dinner (this season can choose crab feast), a hot spring, two famous tourist attractions.There are trees mountain hot springs, suzhou paradise, dome mountain, mudu tourism enterprise to join, obtained the field the universal welcome.

  The first domestic luxury shopping village open built

Last year, the European Value Retail group came news will be in park and pavilion lake peninsula establish its to enter the Chinese market first boutique outlets shopping village, village named suzhou.

In the 15 international tourism trade fair, Value Retail group (China) staff Sam Michael brought about suzhou village of the latest news.

As we have learned, suzhou village has been on the peninsula in china.the open built.Speaking of choose the cause of lake peninsula, Sam Michael introduction, mainly is the value of the suzhou region advantage, because the European existing nine big high-quality goods shopping village are set in distance city bustling zone 1 hour drive from around the place, suzhou to director triangular hinterland, nanjing, wuxi, Shanghai and other cities of the consumers traffic is very convenient.

In various European countries high-quality goods shopping village are each style, this is Value Retail group's shopping village one big characteristic, suzhou village is no exception.

Sam Michael said, not only unique architectural style, suzhou village will also open up leisure, catering and other regions, make it become a real shopping complex.In addition, in order to attract international a line of luxury brands enter, suzhou village will be different from the domestic existing outlets business model, will be totally go high-end products line, and a special team of commodities time for supervision and control, don't sell reverse season an outlet more than 1 year products.

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