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Policies and procedures

Date: 2013-05-03

Department: Administrative Office

Hotel Contract Management System
S/N:NY- P&P - EO -006
Sumition:General manager
Distribution:Deputy General Manager, all departments
Prepared By:

Department Head
Noted By:

Asst. General Manager
Approved By:

General Manager
The issue of recognition:
Effective Date:2012-3-12Supersede: 2012-3-2 hotel signing the contract specification memo

First, the purpose
In order to strengthen the contract management of the hotel to ensure the signing of the contract, to perform, to change the lift in accordance with the law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the hotel.
Second, the range
This procedure applies to the hotel (other than the customer sales contracts, labor contracts) all external contracts signed, performance, change, release, termination management.
Third, the responsibilities
Administrative Office is responsible for the content of the contract audit, preparation, execution, classify, archive management.
The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the review and evaluation of the contract amount and settlement management.
Fourth, the policy describes
1. The hotel all external contracts administered by the General Manager's Office is responsible for.
2. The hotel official seal, Chapter contract are administrative office specialist to take care, managers want to use the seal or contract Chapter, general manager for approval shall be subject to and comply with the relevant provisions of the hotel.
3. Contract involving hotel investment, contracting, leasing, purchase and sale of raw materials, infrastructure and maintenance projects completed by the handling department contract signed review form (with grass Yee text of the contract), the post of General Manager's Office, General Manager's Office in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance , guesthouses legal advisers to examine the content and regulations, and finally to the general manager for approval, the handling department before it enters into a formal contract approval form approved by General Manager (stamped with the hotel contract Chapter).
4. Four copies of the contract, the contractor in duplicate, one General Manager's Office, a Finance Department (Attn departments make copy).
5. All departments must establish contract accounting, accounting should fully reflect the conclusion of the contract, performance, change, renewal, rescission, termination, etc..
6. The hotel need to change or cancel the contract due to changes in circumstances, the handling department should be thirty days before the expiration of the contract to the other party, the original contract provisions or both parties have agreed, under the contract or agreement handle.
7. The hotel window dressing room and in-store rental related matters are administrative office, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for.
8. After the contract, the administrative office the Unified Numbering save binding domiciled at the end of long-term preservation.
9. Any inspection of hotels of any contract, must consent to the general manager of access or borrow. To borrow borrowing procedures should be handled.
Fifth, the relevant documents
Six related records
Contract approval form NY-P & P-EO-006-01 (Annex I)
Loan registration table NY-P & P-EO-006-02 (Annex II)