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In 2014, the 18th suzhou park international beer festival opening

Date: 2014-06-17

Activity time:2014.6.13-2014.8.31-23:00 (17:00)
Content:the 18th 2014 suzhou paradise international beer festival will be held on June 13, 2014, a grand opening ceremony, lasted 80 days, 1.08 million visitors expected section refs.During this period will be the integration of exquisite performances, chang's free game, very hot music, special food, beer culture of creative elements, such as carnival for tourists creates the "no" not an orgy of memory.
brilliant Excited great constantly
Beer carnival sincerely invite world famous beer manufacturers, create colorful wonderful travel experience, realize the famous sponsored brand cooperation, travel network and joint promotion, thousands of mainstream media at home and abroad to realize the marketization operation of this festival, build the endless charm of carnival celebrations.During the festival ten thousand people clink, one side is comfortable beer festival, side is the night air.The park will open hanging roller coaster, Hawaii waves, such as high altitude ejection 16 rides.In addition, the park can be seen everywhere in the west of Japanese snacks, characteristic, Taiwan flavor snacks, across the traditional cuisine, stop.
Memory economic boom times
Of the October festival earliest amusement park, 18 years suzhou paradise for generation after generation of tourists, created the unforgettable memory.Beer festival held in suzhou area not only create a night with strong regional characteristics economy, has driven the entire summer's economic development in suzhou.
Let us together to the suzhou paradise international beer festival "as the Yangtze river delta and even the whole country famous brand festival!Visitors for the Yangtze river delta and even the whole country to create a more wonderful journey, opens the door of happiness!