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The Love Lantern Festival emotional ties to the orphanage

Date: 2013-05-03

The annual Lantern Festival approaching, South Park Hotel Deputy General Manager Zhang party branch secretary Gude Cheng, chairman of the trade union Yang Juan with staff from various departments on behalf of his party, bring the rice balls, fruit, pastries, toys and other gifts to bring South Park all the staff of the New Year wishes, came to Suzhou City Social Welfare Institute, visit condolences to the elderly and children to live here.
Old activity room, we bent down, he gets the elderly chain engaged in small talk, narration in their love; to help elderly Chuichui back and make socially children filial piety. Special education to children Disability Unit, knelt down to kiss the face of the children, brought snacks and toys, doing the games together, so that children needed to blow off arrogance and enjoy the love and care of their loved ones; into the nursery, hug congenital disability abandoned children, children smiles on their faces so that the delay is not willing to let go.
Time together is always short-lived. Parting, the welfare of the person in charge of a gift to our children painting pictures, let us see the beautiful children in the eyes of the world and the yearning for a better life through a painting. See that the welfare of the elderly and children are happy, we are also pleased. We are willing to do the inheritors of love, this love has been passed along, and I hope more people in the community to participate in Social Activities to help more people who need help.
South Park Hotel has since 2003 continuously adhere to 10 years to carry out a series of warmth activities, so that each participant employees feel as long as everyone dedicate a little love, social loving. This is also the hotel "love each other a" part of corporate culture.